Finding That Perfect Job – NOW

Research that I conducted in 2012 with young ADHD adults 22-28 years of age discovered one of two important themes: the first is that of job-fit; and the second is that of self-awareness. Today’s post is about job-fit. What was surprising with the research was that some of the participants were satisfied with having a job, just being grateful for employment. However, being in the wrong job, distracting one from pursuing what one loves and wishes to do with her life is a nonstarter in my mind.

Check out Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, and click on one of the links that offers free testing to see how well suited you are in your current profession. Be sure to scroll down and review the data in the table. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised. If not, stop wasting time – find a career that’s suitable to your strengths, interests, intelligence, and capabilities.